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We at CSC Journals communicate with our editors very effectively in order to ensure that effective strategies are designed to maintain ethics in review and publication. We define and always promote ethical standards and policies among editors, reviewers, authors and readers to ensure that they agree upon standards of expected ethical behavior to guarantee smooth, fast and quality publication that benefit everyone  from individual to society and science.

We understand that quality of a journal can be determine through the scholarly content that it publishes. We ensure that authors demonstrate publishing ethic while submitting their manuscript to CSC Journals. On the other hand, editors and reviewers should also demonstrate ethics by maintaining copyrights and intellectual property while reviewing the manuscript.

COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Guidelines

We follow COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines and pursue cases of suspected research and publication misconduct (e.g. falsification, fabrication, plagiarism, inappropriate image manipulation, redundant publication). In such cases, the journal follow the processes set out in the COPE flowcharts available at http://publicationethics.org/resources/flowcharts.

Plagiarism Detection

CSC Journals define plagiarism policies in order to ensure that only original work should be published by author who owns its copyrights.  We provide guidelines and platform that facilitate our editors and reviewers to not only judge the technical quality of each submitted papers but also ensure that the research is not plagiarized version of previously published paper and does not raise copyrights and intellectual property issues. As an International publisher, we aim not only to promote our authors published work but also to protect it from un-ethical use.

More information related to plagiarism types, policies and other associated information can be found  at Plagiarism & Copyrights.

Publish in Open Access Environment

Under CSC-OpenAccess, each paper submitted by author must either be published, rejected or withdraw. CSC Journals maintains publisher ethics to control the dissemination of submitted paper at each stage whether the manuscript is in preliminary stage, during peer-review process or after acceptance by clearly defining OAS and OAP policies explained in CSC-OpenAccess For Authors.

Publication Ethics Helpdesk

If you are an author or reviewer of a journal and have a specific publication ethics query,  you should contact editor-in-chief of that journal. For all other queries please contact CSC Journals Publication Ethics helpdesk: