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Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals) is an International publisher of peer-reviewed open access journals covering wide range of academic disciplines. Known for commitment to quality and innovations towards open access publications, we publish thousands of papers each year coming from highly qualified academics, researchers, scientists and societies with whom we work. We value our authors and readers by understanding their most important concern of selecting the right publisher because publishing in a digital world presents new challenges and opportunities. We achieve this by providing author services for improved use of open access.

To be successful, many well-known scientists, researchers, academics and industrialists have collaborated with us because they understand that CSC Journals adds value to their work with the surety of widest dissemination through professional platforms, thus helping them not to worry about publications readership and remain focused towards their research. Our publications are among the most widely read and distributed worldwide. Our success relies on our commitment with authors that their published papers are immediately and permanently available online for everyone, worldwide with the guarantee that all published papers are gone through high-quality peer review, editorial and production processes and with post-publication services; thus make CSC Journals the right place to publish.



Our publications are read by millions of researchers throughout the world due to its qualitative content and high standards of production. Our web-based systems help editors, reviewers and authors to maintain high quality standards from manuscript submission through peer-review to final publication. For better readership, recognition and citations, our dedicated team of experts work with authors to provide them with post-publications author services right after the final publication of their paper.

Our Editors

We understand that good publication practices do not develop by chance, instead expert opinions, dedication and constant support throughout the process is required. Because editors are the strength of the journal, we appoint highly qualified and experienced editors including editor-in-chief, associate editor-in-chief, editorial and reviewer boards members, managing editor and administrative support staff.

Each journal has a group of editors and supportive staff who are bounded together by their talent and integrity guaranteeing good publication practices and continuous improvement.

Find more details about our editors, reviewers and their responsibilities ensuring quality publication.

Abstracting & Indexing

Our dedicated team continuously strive hard to discover and develop the techniques and technologies tailored for better access to vast database of articles published in our open access journals.

We never miss any opportunity to discover, communicate and to collaborate with websites, databases and International platforms to escalate the dissemination and propagation of our publications.

We are always willing to work who publish, read and support open access content policy. Find the complete list of the Abstracting & Indexing databases that cover one or more of the journals published by CSC Journals.

Visibility & Prestige

We actively look for new audience through extensive online search to identify individuals and groups of scientists and scholars, so that right content is disseminated to right audience. Our team also assist authors in elevating their own profile and marketing their work wherever possible.

International Recognition

Publications from CSC-OpenAccess Library are being accessed from over 72 countries worldwide.

Marketing Efforts

We hire qualified and creative marketing staff who plan and carry out cost-effective and highly targeted marketing to academics, practitioners and institutional buyers. Our team uses its experience and state-of-the-art tools to ensure global visibility and maximum readership of your content. In addition to marketing to book resellers, libraries and institutions, they also contact individuals by mail, e-mail and through content management websites like Docstock, PDFCast, indexing and linking through key services such as Google and Google Scholar. Our team work hard to establish collaborations with societies and associations that not only increases the value of your work but also provide valuable readership and distribution opportunities. All our efforts help authors to find the right audience and to let the targeted audience find them via social networking.

SEO Optimization

Our team optimize each published paper through meta tags. We formulate article keywords by carefully analyzing its content and share it to author prior to final publication so that best possible keywords are assigned to each published paper to be appear in first page when searched through Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others.

Publish with Confidence

Our dedicated team of editors & reviewers, pre and post publication services to authors, efficient and reliable systems and sincere efforts convince authors to establish long-term publishing collaborations with CSC Journals to publish their research with confidence.