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There are several reasons why researchers would make their work open access:

  • to share the results of research as widely and as quickly as possible.
  • to give access to research without restrictions of price or permissions.
  • to comply with open access mandates of funding sources or academic institutions in the fastest and easiest way so that their final articles can be deposited into bibliographic databases and institutional repositories without any embargo periods.
  • to maximize possibility of citations and inclusion in bibliographic databases.

We achieve above through CSC-OpenAccess that defines open access rules on each article submitted in our database whether as a new submission or publication.

Open Access Submissions (OAS)

When a new article is submitted by author, our staff preliminary review the submission where article format, correct keywords, authors and their affiliation and other basic information is reviewed prior to initiating the peer-review process. If the submission is complete with all supportive documents including submission declaration & copyrights form, figures, audio/video files, we preliminary approve the submission and start the peer-review process. The preliminary approved article entering peer-review process is referred as Open Access Submission (OAS).

OAS Policies

  • Under OAS, information about article is available through our website.
  • Author can withdraw OAS by paying withdrawal fee because it is understood that the article becoming OAS has already its review started by our editors and reviewers who spend quality time in maintaining and ensuring the quality of peer-review.
  • If author does not pay withdrawal fee then the submission becomes OAS and its pdf/doc file is available through our website as soon as production process of subsequent round is complete.
  • OAS can be accessed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International License if no withdrawal fee is paid until the end of ongoing publication round.

Open Access Publications (OAP)

All accepted articles for which author submits camera ready documents are published through CSC-OpenAccess. We refer these published papers as Open Access Publications (OAP).

OAP Policies

For more details, please visit Open Access License & Copyrights that define author, publisher and user policies; Article Processing Charges (APC) associated with open access publication and list of Author Services (Post Publication Services).