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The quality of a journal can be determine through the scholarly content it publishes. It is therefore important to define effective and strong peer review process to evaluate the scientific quality of the paper prior to journal publication.

CSC peer-review process ensure that the scholarly manuscripts are evaluated and commented upon by independent experts belonging to the same research interest and area. All our journal editorial and reviewer board members are experts who are dedicated to ensure the validity and originality of journal publications. Thus making CSC journals a constructive platform for practical implications of academic research that can be used by professionals performing qualitative jobs.

CSC peer-review process is based upon single blind review where reviewer's name is concealed from the author(s). In order to ensure that only non plagiarized, original and high quality scholarly research is published, each submitted manuscript first preliminary reviewed by the managing editor to check whether author has provided correct submission information and all supported files with the article. We aim to complete preliminary review within a week to decide whether the submission is relevant and can be peer reviewed or not.

Steps of CSC Peer-Review Process

A step-by-step flow of CSC peer-review process is as follows:

  1. Author submit the paper (referred as manuscript).
  2. Preliminary Review -  submitted manuscript go through preliminary review where the appropriateness of the article including research scope within the journal to which it is submitted, quality, format, language, authorship and other information is checked.
    1. This rapid check take not more than 3 working days.
    2. Rejected submissions are then removed from our database and authors are informed about the reason for rejection of their manuscript.
    3. For preliminary approved manuscript, editorial office approve the manuscript to make it Open Access Submission (OAS).
  3. Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the journal receive the manuscript that has passed preliminary review.
  4. EiC assign manuscript to at least one or more co-editors who have the ability to evaluate the technical aspects of the paper fully and fairly.
  5. Co-editor then invite referees to evaluate the technical quality of the scientific research presented in the paper.
  6. When at least two (2) reviews are received from referees, co-editor evaluate the reviews and submit the final decision and comments to EiC.
  7. Based on the review comments and final decisions made by co-editors, EiC then make the final decision of acceptance/rejection of the manuscript.
  8. All rejected manuscripts are then permanently closed and authors are informed about the decision.
  9. For accepted papers, authors are then asked to revise manuscript according to reviewers comments and submit the final version within the given time period.
  10. All final submitted papers are then published on www.cscjournals.org as soon as they become ready after typesetting and proof reading as Open Access Publications (OAP).


Each journal follow its Call for Papers that define time from submission to review & publication. An average of THREE (3) months are required from initial submission to final publication appearing in CSC-OpenAccess Library.


Please refer to Appeals and Complaints if you wish to know more about the procedure to the appeals to editorial decisions, complaints about failure of processes such as long delays in handling papers and complaints about publication ethics.