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International Journal of Business Research Management (IJBRM)
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ISSN - 2180-2165
Published - Bi-Monthly   |   Established - 2010   |   Year of Publication - 2024

May 31, 2024

June 30, 2024

July 31, 2024

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IJBRM - Editorial Board Member (EBM)

Professor Zita Zoltay Paprika
Corvinus Business School (CBS) - Corvinus University of Budapest - Hungary
Contact Details
Email - zita.paprika@uni-corvinus.hu
1031 Budapest III. Torma Károly Street 22. 2nd floor Ap. 7.
Institutional/Personal page

About Professor Zita Zoltay Paprika

Zita Zoltay Paprika graduated from the Karl Marx University of Budapest in 1981, and she got her university doctorate degree from the same institution in 1983. She was working at the Bureau for Systems Analysis of the State Committee for Technical Development as an analyst till 1987. She joined the Business Economics Department of the Budapest University of Economic Sciences in the same year. She got her Ph.D. in Business Administration in 1999.

In 2000 she was appointed as the Director for International Affairs at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration. Her main fields of interest are Decision Sciences and Business Economics. Dr. Zoltay Paprika was involved in different international and national projects during which activity she was project manager on several occasions. She was also acting as the USAID auditor in project evaluations.

In 2005-2006 she got a Fulbright Research Scholarship and spent an academic year at California State University Sacramento. Currently she is a member of the Hungarian Fulbright Board. She has been the Chair of the Department of Decision Sciences since 2005 and was appointed as the Program Director of the International Study Programs at the Faculty of Business Administration of Corvinus University of Budapest from 2007 to 2014.

From January 1st, 2014 until January 31st 2020 she was the Dean of the Corvinus Business School at Corvinus University of Budapest. In 2016 June she joined the EFMD EPAS Accreditation Board and in 2018 became a member of the Executive Academy’s Steering Committee and the Advisory Board for Central and Eastern Europe. From February 1st 2020 to October 15th she was appointed Vice President of International Relations and Accreditations at Corvinus University of Budapest.

Professor Zita Zoltay Paprika handles review of manuscripts that are submitted under the following topics.

  • Business & Economics Education
  • Decision Support and Knowledge-based Systems
  • Strategic Management and Systems
  • General Business Research
  • Cross-Culture Issues in Business