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With the increase pressure in the research community to make research available not only online but also in print, CSC Journals offers numerous subscription options keeping in view different requirements of authors, librarians and interested subscribers.

We understand that authors like to share their publication to their peers through all possible channels including online-sharing through social websites and in their university libraries.

Our authors from more than 72 countries publish, read and share our journal publications among their peer, faculties and libraries. Despite of open access, many authors and libraries give equal importance to print publications and subscribe our journals according to their need to promote their research publications through their university library.

As a highly valued CSC Journals author, you are entitled to a discount on our titles whether purchasing for personal use or for your university.

Author's Complimentary Copy

Free Electronic Copy
According to the publishing agreement between an author and CSC Journals, the publication is made immediately and freely available online through CSC-OpenAccess Library.

Free Printed Copy
At the time of publication, author is also entitled for ONE (1) free printed issue copy in which he/she is publishing the paper. The free printed copy can be requested by paying only delivery charges of $75 along with the publication fee.

Additional Printed Copies

Our authors are entitled to order additional printed copies of the issue in which they publish their paper. Our authors enjoy a discount of 50% on each additional printed copy if the order is made at the time of publication.

Subscribe & Publish

Many authors publish their research in our journals by paying Article Processing Charges (APC). At later stage, they subscribe the journal through their university library to receive complete journal copies so that they promote their work among their peers, students, faculty members and other library readers.

In order to reduce the budgeting overhead, our authors take advantage of 'Subscribe & Publish' through which author get 100% wavier on APC while subscribing the journal through their university library.

An average of every 5th author publishing with CSC Journals take advantage of 'Subscribe & Publish'. For more details on how to proceed, please contact us at info@cscjournals.org.