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Enhanced Spectral Reflectance Reconstruction Using Pseudo-Inverse Estimation Method
Ibrahim Anis El-Rifai, Hend Mahgoub, Mennat-Allah Magdy, Jay Arre Toque, Ari Ide-Ektessabi
Pages - 278 - 285     |    Revised - 15-05-2013     |    Published - 30-06-2013
Volume - 7   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - June 2013  Table of Contents
Adaptive Pseudo-Inverse, Spectral Reflectance Reconstruction, Colorimetry.
This paper will present an enhanced approach for the reconstruction of spectral reflectance by the combination between two methods, the Pseudo-Inverse (PI) as the base formula, whilst adaptively selecting the training samples as performed in the Adaptive Wiener estimation method proposed by Shen and Xin for the estimation of the spectral reflectance. This enhancement will be referred to as Adaptive Pseudo-Inverse (API) through this research. Training and verification datasets have been prepared from GretagMacbeth ColorChecker CC chart, Kodak Color Chart and a specially designed palette of Japanese organic and inorganic mineral pigments to test and compare the estimation results, using the Pseudo-Inverse and Adaptive Pseudo-Inverse method. The performance of spectral reconstruction methods will be presented in terms of spectral and colorimetric error for the estimation accuracy. The experimental results showed that the proposed method achieved better performance and noticeable decline in spectral estimation error.
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Mr. Ibrahim Anis El-Rifai
University of Cairo, 11577 - Egypt
Miss Hend Mahgoub
University of Cairo, 11577 - Egypt
Mr. Mennat-Allah Magdy
University of Cairo, 11577 - Egypt
Dr. Jay Arre Toque
Kyoto University - Japan
Professor Ari Ide-Ektessabi
Kyoto University - Japan

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