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A Novel Approach To The Weight and Balance Calculation for The De Haviland Canada DHC-6 Seaplane Operators
Houssam Hammoudi
Pages - 123 - 132     |    Revised - 31-07-2021     |    Published - 31-08-2021
Volume - 15   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - August 2021  Table of Contents
Software Engineering, Android, Java, Mobile, Seaplanes, DHC-6, W&B.
The main objective of this research is to provide companies operating different fleets of the De Havilland Canada Twin Otter DHC-6 seaplanes with an alternative method to the time-consuming Whizz Wheel procedure when calculating the weight and balance. Using this application, these operators can lower their aircraft turnaround, speed up the passenger boarding, dispatch the flights efficiently and save on fuel and dock expenses. Furthermore, this research shows how operators do their calculations currently and the positive impact of the application on their entire operation, including extra revenue generation amounting to $4M per year. Most DHC-6 seaplane operators are mainly in the Maldives. Therefore, this research was conducted while piloting these seaplanes and studying the day-to-day operations. While this paper presents the implementation of this software and its design model, it also discusses how two major operators used this application in the Maldives and one in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
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Mr. Houssam Hammoudi
TradeSec Corp, Calgary, T3N 1T4 - Canada

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