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Image Resolution Enhancement Using Undecimated Double Density Wavelet Transform
Varun P. Gopi, V. Suresh Babu, Dilna C.
Pages - 67 - 76     |    Revised - 10-11-2014     |    Published - 10-12-2014
Volume - 8   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - December 2014  Table of Contents
Undecimated Double Density Wavelet Transform, Image Resolution, Stationary Wavelet, Resolution Enhancement.
In this paper, an undecimated double density wavelet based image resolution enhancement technique is proposed. The critically sampled discrete wavelet transform (DWT) suffers from the drawbacks of being shift-variant and lacking the capacity to process directional information in images. The double density wavelet transform (DDWT) is an approximately shift-invariant transform capturing directional information. The undecimated double density wavelet transform (UDDWT) is an improvement of the DDWT, making it exactly shift-invariant. The method uses a forward and inverse UDDWT to construct a high resolution (HR) image from the given low resolution (LR) image. The results are compared with state-of-the-art resolution enhancement methods.
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Dr. Varun P. Gopi
Dr. V. Suresh Babu
CET - India
Dr. Dilna C.
Department of ECE Government Engineering College Wayanad Mananthavady, 670644, Kerala, India - India