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What Skills Should a Management Scientist Consultant Possess?
Violeta Cvetkoska, Katerina Fotova Cikovic
Pages - 1 - 11     |    Revised - 30-11-2022     |    Published - 30-04-2023
Volume - 0   Issue - 0    |    Publication Date - January 1, 2023  Table of Contents
Management Science, MCDM, AHP, Consultant, Skills.
The aim of this article is to examine how much the Management Science (MS) models and methods are applied in companies in a certain developing country—the Republic of North Macedonia—what effects have been achieved by their application and which skills MS consultants should have with regard to being engaged in solving the problems that companies face. The survey was conducted through a questionnaire given to senior managers of state and private companies in the country. The total number of analyzed questionnaires is 219, out of which 68 were filled out by senior managers of state companies and 151 by private companies. Most of the respondents (151) answered that there is a need for MS support and that in the future they plan to hire an MS consultant. The skills that an MS consultant should have are divided into two categories: fundamental and ancillary practical skills. On the basis of the estimated average grade of importance of the fundamental skills, the MS consultant that is able to look at the problem has the highest average grade. Ancillary practical skills are divided into five fields: marketing, selling, formal communication and reporting, skills in interacting with the client and facilitating, and computing, and the average grade of importance for each skill in these fields is presented and analyzed. Based on the obtained results for the skills in each category, an AHP model is developed. The solution of the model can serve companies as a recommendation when choosing a management science consultant.
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Associate Professor Violeta Cvetkoska
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Skopje, 1000 - North Macedonia
Dr. Katerina Fotova Cikovic
University North, Croatia - Croatia

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