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Use Proportional Hazards Regression Method To Analyze The Survival of Patients with Cancer Stomach At A Hiwa Hospital /Sulaimaniyah
Mohammad M.Faqi Hussain
Pages - 37 - 52     |    Revised - 10-09-2014     |    Published - 10-10-2014
Volume - 5   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - October 2014  Table of Contents
Survival Time, The Kaplan Meier Method, Cox Regression Method.
The Kaplan Meier method is used to analyze data based on the survival time. In this paper used Kaplan Meier procedure and Cox regression with these objectives. The objectives are finding the percentage of survival at any time of interest, comparing the survival time of two studied groups and examining the effect of continuous covariates with the relationship between an event and possible explanatory variables. The variables (Age, Gender, Weight, Drinking, Smoking, District, Employer, Blood Group) are used to study the survival patients with cancer stomach. The data in this study taken from Hiwa/Hospital in Sualamaniyah governorate during the period of (48) months starting from (1/1/2010) to (31/12/2013) .After Appling the Cox model and achieve the hypothesis we estimated the parameters of the model by using (Partial Likelihood) method and then test the variables by using (Wald test) the result show that the variables age and weight are influential at the survival of time.
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Dr. Mohammad M.Faqi Hussain
School of Admin&Eco / Statistic department University of Sulaimani Sulaimaniyah/Kurdistan/Iraq - Iraq

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