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On Continuous Approximate Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations
De Ting Wu
Pages - 28 - 46     |    Revised - 15-05-2012     |    Published - 20-06-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - June 2012  Table of Contents
Continuous approximate solution, Discrete approximate solution, Cubic spline interpolant
In this work the problem of continuous approximate solution of the ordinary differential equations will be investigated. An approach to construct the continuous approximate solution, which is based on the discrete approximate solution and the spline interpolation, will be provided. The existence and uniqueness of such continuous approximate solution will be pointed out. Its error will be estimated and its convergence will be considered. Finally, with the aid of modern PC and nathematical software three practical computer approaches to perform above construction will be offered.
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Dr. De Ting Wu
- United States of America