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A New Watermarking Approach Based on Combination of Reversible Watermarking and CDMA in Spatial and DWT Domain
S.Bekkouche, A.Chouarfia
Pages - 1 - 12     |    Revised - 31-03-2011     |    Published - 04-04-2011
Volume - 5   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - May / June 2011  Table of Contents
Watermarking, Reversible Watermarking, CDMA, Integrity, Authentification, Confidentiality
Image watermarking can be defined as a technique that allows insertion of imperceptible and indelible digital data into an image. In addition to its initial application which is the copyright, watermarking can be used in other fields, particularly in the medical field in order to contribute to secure images shared on the network for telemedicine applications. In this report we study some watermarking methods and the comparison result of their combination, the first one is based on the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) in DWT and spatial domain and its aim is to verify the image authenticity whereas the second one is the reversible watermarking (the least significant bits LSB and cryptography tools) and the reversible carte mapping RCM its objective is to check the integrity of the image and to keep the Confidentiality of the patient data. A new scheme of watermarking is the combination of the reversible watermarking method based on LSB and cryptography tools and the method of CDMA in spatial and DWT domain to verify the three security properties Integrity, Authenticity and confidentiality of medical data and patient information .In the end ,we made a comparison between these methods within the parameters of quality of medical images. Initially, an in-depth study on the characteristics of medical images would contribute to improve these methods to mitigate their limits and to optimize the results. Tests were done on IRM kind of medical images and the quality measurements have been done on the watermarked image to verify that this technique does not lead to a wrong diagnostic. The robustness of the watermarked images against attacks has been verified on the parameters of PSNR, SNR, MSE and MAE which the experimental result demonstrated that the proposed algorithm is good and robust in DWT than in spatial domain.
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Miss S.Bekkouche
- Algeria
Professor A.Chouarfia
- Algeria

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