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Secure Group Communication in Grid Environment
Sudha G Sadasivam, Ruckmani V, Anitha Kumari K
Pages - 17 - 27     |    Revised - 25-02-2010     |    Published - 31-03-2010
Volume - 4   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - March 2010  Table of Contents
authentication, grid computing, grid security, multicasting, encryption
A Grid is a collection of resources that are available for an application to perform tasks. Grid resources are heterogeneous, geographically distributed and belong to different administrative domains. Hence security is a major concern in a grid system. Authentication, message integrity and confidentiality are the major concerns in grid security. Secure group communication is brought about by effective key distribution to authenticated users of the channels serviced by resources. The proposed approach facilitates reduced computation and efficient group communication. It also ensures efficient rekeying for each communication session. The security protocol has been implemented and tested using Globus middleware.
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Dr. Sudha G Sadasivam
PSG College of Technology - India
Dr. Ruckmani V
- India
Dr. Anitha Kumari K
- India

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