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Certification Authority Monitored Multilevel and Stateful Policy Based Authorization in Services Oriented Grids
Ajay Prasad, Saurabh Singh Verma, Ashok Kumar Sharma
Pages - 48 - 64     |    Revised - 30-09-2009     |    Published - 21-10-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - August 2009  Table of Contents
Grid security, Authorization, Virtual Organization, Policy based authorization, Policy mappings
Services oriented grids will be more prominent among other kinds of grids in the present distributed environments. With the advent of online government services the governmental grids will come up in huge numbers. Apart from common security issues as in other grids, the authorization in service oriented grids faces certain shortcomings and needs to be looked upon differently. The CMMS model presented here overcomes all these shortcomings and adds to the simplicity of implementation because of its tight similarities with certain government services and their functioning. The model is used to prototype a State Police Information Grid (SPIG). Small technological restructuring is required in PKIX and X.509 certificates.
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Mr. Ajay Prasad
- India
Mr. Saurabh Singh Verma
- India
Professor Ashok Kumar Sharma
Mody Institute of Technology and Science - India

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