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A Central Pattern Generator based Nonlinear Controller to Simulate Biped Locomotion with a Stable Human Gait Oscillation
Soumik Mondal, Anup Nandy, Chandrapal, Pavan Chakraborty, G. C. Nandi
Pages - 93 - 106     |    Revised - 01-05-2011     |    Published - 31-05-2011
Volume - 2   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - May / June 2011  Table of Contents
Rayleigh Oscillator, Central Pattern Generator (CPG), Intelligent Gait Oscillation Detector (IGOD), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Nonlinear Dynamics System (NDS), YOBOTICS
This paper mainly deals with designing a biological controller for biped robot to generate biped locomotion inspired from human gait oscillation. The Nonlinear Dynamics of the biological controller is being modeled by designing a Central Pattern Generator (CPG) which is built with the coupling of the Relaxation Oscillators. In this work the CPG consists of four Two-Way coupled Rayleigh Oscillators. The four major leg joints (e.g. two knee joints and two hip joints) are being considered for this modeling. The CPG based parameters are optimized using Genetic Algorithm (GA) to match an actual human locomotion captured by the Intelligent Gait Oscillation Detector (IGOD) biometric device. The Limit Cycle behavior and the dynamic analysis on the biped robot have been successfully simulated on to Spring Flamingo robot in YOBOTICS environment.
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Mr. Soumik Mondal
IIITA - India
Mr. Anup Nandy
- India
Dr. Chandrapal
- India
Dr. Pavan Chakraborty
- India
Dr. G. C. Nandi
- India

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