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Novel Navigation Strategy Study on Autonomous Mobile Robots
Peng Jia, Yumei Huang, Feng Gao, Yan Li
Pages - 57 - 68     |    Revised - 30-11-2010     |    Published - 20-12-2010
Volume - 1   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - December 2010  Table of Contents
Behaviour-based navigation, mobile robot, kinematics model
Potential field method bas been widely used in obstacle avoidance for mobile robots because of its elegance and simplicity. However, this method has inherent drawbacks. Considering this, this paper introduces a new behaviour-based navigation strategy. Aiming at a mobile robot SDLG-1 developed by the authors, the kinematics model is built based on its motion structure. Using twelve sonar sensors, the strategy algorithm of behaviour-based navigation control is brought forth. Based on the algorithm, software simulations and experimental evaluations have been conducted. Both results indicate the navigation strategy proposed in this paper is effective.
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Associate Professor Peng Jia
Shandong University of Technology - China
Professor Yumei Huang
Xi an University of Technology - China
Mr. Feng Gao
- China
Mr. Yan Li
- China

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