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Some Studies on Multistage Decision Making Under Fuzzy Dynamic Programming
Prashanta Kumar Parida, S.K.Sahoo , K.C.Sahoo
Pages - 52 - 66     |    Revised - 31-01-2011     |    Published - 08-02-2011
Volume - 1   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - January / February 2011  Table of Contents
Multistage decision process, multistage decision making under fuzziness, multistage optimization problem under fuzziness
Studies has been made in this paper, on multistage decision problem, fuzzy dynamic programming (DP). Fuzzy dynamic programming is a promising tool for dealing with multistage decision making and optimization problems under fuzziness. The cases of deterministic, stochastic, and fuzzy state transitions and of the fixed and specified, implicity given, fuzzy and infinite times, termination times are analyzed.
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Dr. Prashanta Kumar Parida
Eastern Academy of Science and Technology - India
Dr. S.K.Sahoo
Institute of Mathematics & Applications, - India
Mr. K.C.Sahoo
- India