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Principal Type Scheme for Session Types
Alvaro Tasistro, Ernesto Copello, Nora Szasz
Pages - 34 - 43     |    Revised - 15-11-2012     |    Published - 31-12-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - October 2012  Table of Contents
Types, Principal Type Scheme, Type Inference Algorithm
Session types model communication between processes as dialogues speci ed by sequences of types of messages, each of which describe the format and direction of the message. The resulting system imposes a type discipline that guarantees compatibility of interaction patterns between processes of a well-typed program. The system is polymorphic in Curry\'s style, but no formal treatment of this aspect has been provided yet. In this paper we present a system assigning type schemes to programs and an algorithm of inference of the principal type scheme of any typable program for a signifi cant fragment of the calculus which allows delegation of communication, i.e. transmission of channels. We use classical syntax for variables and channels, i.e. just one sort of names in each case for either bound or free occurrences. We prove soundness and completeness of the algorithm, working on individual terms rather than on alpha -equivalence classes. The algorithm has been implemented in Haskell and partially checked in the proof assistant Agda.
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Dr. Alvaro Tasistro
- Uruguay
Mr. Ernesto Copello
- Uruguay
Miss Nora Szasz
- Uruguay

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