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Contourlet Transform Based Method For Medical Image Denoising
Abbas Hanon Hassin AlAsadi
Pages - 22 - 31     |    Revised - 31-1-2015     |    Published - 28-2-2015
Volume - 9   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - January / February 2015  Table of Contents
Medical Image, Denoising, Wavelet Transform, Contourlet Transform.
Noise is an important factor of the medical image quality, because the high noise of medical imaging will not give us the useful information of the medical diagnosis. Basically, medical diagnosis is based on normal or abnormal information provided diagnose conclusion. In this paper, we proposed a denoising algorithm based on Contourlet transform for medical images. Contourlet transform is an extension of the wavelet transform in two dimensions using the multiscale and directional filter banks. The Contourlet transform has the advantages of multiscale and time-frequency-localization properties of wavelets, but also provides a high degree of directionality. For verifying the denoising performance of the Contourlet transform, two kinds of noise are added into our samples; Gaussian noise and speckle noise. Soft thresholding value for the Contourlet coefficients of noisy image is computed. Finally, the experimental results of proposed algorithm are compared with the results of wavelet transform. We found that the proposed algorithm has achieved acceptable results compared with those achieved by wavelet transform.
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Associate Professor Abbas Hanon Hassin AlAsadi
Faculty of S cience /Department of Computer Science Basra University Basra - Iraq