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Fractal Image Compression of Satellite Color Imageries Using Variable Size of Range Block
Veenadevi.S.V, A G Ananth
Pages - 1 - 8     |    Revised - 20-01-2014     |    Published - 11-02-2014
Volume - 8   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2014  Table of Contents
Maximum Range Block Size (R max ), Minimum Range Block Size (R min ), Affine Transformation, Canonical Classification, PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), CR (Compression Ratio).
Fractal image compressions of Color Standard Lena and Satellite imageries have been carried out for the variable size range block method. The image is partitioned by considering maximum and minimum size of the range block and transforming the RGB color image into YUV form. Affine transformation and entropy coding are applied to achieve fractal compression. The Matlab simulation has been carried out for three different cases of variable range block sizes. The image is reconstructed using iterative functions and inverse transforms. The results indicate that both color Lena and Satellite imageries with R max = 16 and R min = 8, shows higher Compression ratio (CR) and good Peak Signal to Noise Ratios (PSNR). For the color standard Lena image the achievable CR~13.9 and PSNR ~25.9 dB, for Satellite rural image of CR~ 16 and PSNR ~ 23 and satellite urban image CR~16.4 and PSNR~16.5. The results of the present analysis demonstrate that, for the fractal compression scheme with variable range method applied to both color and gray scale Lena and satellite imageries, show higher CR and PSNR values compared to fixed range block size of 4 and 4 iterations. The results are presented and discussed in the paper.
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Mr. Veenadevi.S.V
R V College of Engineering - India
Dr. A G Ananth
R V College of Engineering - India

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