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Land Boundary Detection of an Island using improved Morphological Operation
Shreetam Behera, Mihir Narayan Mohant
Pages - 413 - 421     |    Revised - 15-11-2012     |    Published - 31-12-2012
Volume - 6   Issue - 6    |    Publication Date - December 2012  Table of Contents
Remote Sensing Images, Edge Detection, Gray- scale Morphological Analysis, Structuring Element
Image analysis is one of the important tasks to obtain the information about earth surface. To detect and mark a particular land area, it is required to have the image from remote place. To recognize the same, the accurate boundary of that area has to be detected. In this paper, the example of remote sensing image has been considered. The accurate detection of the boundary is a complex task. A novel method has been proposed in this paper to detect the boundary of such land. Mathematical morphology is a simple and efficient method for this type of task. The morphological analysis is performed using structure elements (SE). By using mathematical morphology the images can be enhanced and then the boundary can be detected easily. Simultaneously the noise is removed by using the proposed model. The results exhibit the performance of the proposed method. Keywords: Remote Sensing images ; Edge detection; Gray- scale Morphological analysis, Structuring Element (SE).
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Mr. Shreetam Behera
Siksha O’ Anusandhan University - India
Mr. Mihir Narayan Mohant
- India

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