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Reconstructing Vehicle License Plate Image from Low Resolution Images using Nonuniform Interpolation Method
Shih-Chieh Lin, Chih-Ting Chen
Pages - 21 - 28     |    Revised - 15-08-2008     |    Published - 30-08-2008
Volume - 1   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - August 2007  Table of Contents
image enhancement, image registration, license plate recognition
In this study, non-uniform interpolation method was adopted to reconstruct license plate image from a series of low resolution vehicle license plate images. Several image registration methods which were used to estimate the position and orientation differences between these low resolution images are tested in this study. It was found that the Fourier method is superior to other methods. The non-uniform interpolation method is then used to reconstruct vehicle license plate images from images with a character size as small as 3 × 6 pixels. Results show that although the number or character is still not easy to read, the reconstructed image shows a better readability than the original image. Keywords: image enhancement, image registration, license plate recognition.
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Mr. Shih-Chieh Lin
- Taiwan
Mr. Chih-Ting Chen
- Taiwan