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Quality - Security Uncompromised and Plausible Watermarking for Patent Infringement
Yamuna Govindarajan, Sivakumar Dakshinamurthi
Pages - 11 - 20     |    Revised - 15-02-2007     |    Published - 28-02-2007
Volume - 1   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - August 2007  Table of Contents
Digital watermarking, Patent protection, Shuffling, Quadtree, Advanced Encryption Standard
The most quoted applications for digital watermarking is in the context of copyright-protection of digital (multi-)media. In this paper we offer a new digital watermarking technique, which pledges both Security and Quality for the image for the Patent protection. This methodology uses tale techniques like Shuffling, Composition & Decomposition, and Encryption & Decryption to record the information of a protected primary image and the allied watermarks. The quadtree can aid the processing of watermark and AES provides added security to information. Besides that, we intend a novel architecture for Patent Protection that holds promise for a better compromise between practicality and security for emerging digital rights management application. Security solutions must seize a suspicious version of the application-dependent restrictions and competing objectives.
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Mr. Yamuna Govindarajan
- India
Professor Sivakumar Dakshinamurthi
- India