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Filtering Corrupted Image and Edge Detection in Restored Grayscale Image Using Derivative Filters
Chandra Sekhar Panda, Srikanta Patnaik
Pages - 105 - 119     |    Revised - 05-08-2009     |    Published - 01-09-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - June 2009  Table of Contents
Derivative filter, Image denoising, Edge finding
In this paper, different first and second derivative filters are investigated to find edge map after denoising a corrupted gray scale image. We have proposed a new derivative filter of first order and described a novel approach of edge finding with an aim to find better edge map in a restored gray scale image. Subjective method has been used by visually comparing the performance of the proposed derivative filter with other existing first and second order derivative filters. The root mean square error and root mean square of signal to noise ratio have been used for objective evaluation of the derivative filters. Finally, to validate the efficiency of the filtering schemes different algorithms are proposed and the simulation study has been carried out using MATLAB 5.0.
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Mr. Chandra Sekhar Panda
- India
Professor Srikanta Patnaik
- India