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Analysis of an Image Secret Sharing Scheme to Identify Cheaters
Jung-San LEe, Pei-Yu Lin, Chin-Chen Chang
Pages - 287 - 292     |    Revised - 30-08-2010     |    Published - 30-10-2010
Volume - 4   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - October 2010  Table of Contents
steganography, bmp image, hide data
Secret image sharing mechanisms have been widely applied to the military, e-commerce, and communications fields. Zhao et al. introduced the concept of cheater detection into image sharing schemes recently. This functionality enables the image owner and authorized members to identify the cheater in reconstructing the secret image. Here, we provide an analysis of Zhao et al.¡¦s method: an authorized participant is able to restore the secret image by him/herself. This contradicts the requirement of secret image sharing schemes. The authorized participant utilizes an exhaustive search to achieve the attempt, though, simulation results show that it can be done within a reasonable time period.
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Dr. Jung-San LEe
Feng Chia University - Taiwan
Dr. Pei-Yu Lin
Yuan Ze University - Taiwan
Professor Chin-Chen Chang
Feng Chia University - Taiwan