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Reconstruction of a Multiscale Filter for Edge Preserving Speckle Suppression of Ultrasound Images
Mehedi Hasan Talukder, Md. Masudur Rahman, Shisir Mia, Mohammad Motiur Rahman
Pages - 11 - 27     |    Revised - 30-06-2022     |    Published - 01-08-2023
Volume - 17   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - August 2023  Table of Contents
Linear Filter, Non-linear Filter, Speckle Noise, Gabor Filter, Medical Images.
Speckle noise tends to reduce the diagnostic value of ultrasound imaging modalities by degrading image quality. Edge-preserving noise-suppression can play an important role for accurate diagnosis.Therefore edge-preserving speckle suppression is the ultimate demand for accurate diagnosisby healthcare industries. In this study, a new hybrid filtering technique, namely, multiscale filter is proposed and analyzed to suppress the speckle noise in ultrasound images by preserving the image edges. Linear filtering speeds are high, but cannot preserve the edges of images efficiently, and this is a major limitation. Conversely, nonlinear filtering can handle edges more effectively; a Gabor filter preserves edges well but fails at suppressing noise. The method proposed here combines the concept of three linear and nonlinear filters with a Gabor filter to counter the limitations. In particular, when it is filtered, a 3×3 image kernel is divided into three segments and three linear and non-linear techniques are applied to each segment. Finally, the results of each section are integrated and processing is performed with a Gabor filter to obtain the results. The performance of the multiscale filter is analyzed for various ultrasound images of kidney, breast, abdomen, prostrate, orthopedic, and liver. The proposed multiscale filter provides superior results than other widely used de-speckling filters.
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Dr. Mehedi Hasan Talukder
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University, Tangail, 1902 - Bangladesh
Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman
Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali, 3814 - Bangladesh
Dr. Shisir Mia
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University, Tangail, 1902 - Bangladesh
Dr. Mohammad Motiur Rahman
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University, Tangail, 1902 - Bangladesh

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