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MSB based Face Recognition Using Compression and Dual Matching Techniques
Vasantha Kumara M., Mohammed Rafi
Pages - 62 - 75     |    Revised - 31-07-2019     |    Published - 31-08-2019
Volume - 13   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - August 2019  Table of Contents
Biometrics, Face Recognition, DWT, MSB, Compression.
Biometrics are used in almost all communication technology applications for secure recognition. In this paper, we propose MSB based face recognition using compression and dual matching techniques. The standard available face images are considered to test the proposed method. The novel concept of considering only four Most Significant Bits (MSB) of each pixel on image is introduced to reduce the total number of bits to half of an image for high speed computation and less architectural complexity. The Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is applied to an image with only MSB's, and consider only LL band coefficients as final features. The features of the database and test images are compared using Euclidian Distance (ED) an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to test the performance of the pot method. It is observed that, the performance of the proposed method is better than the existing methods.
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Mr. Vasantha Kumara M.
Department of CSE, Govt. SKSJ Technological Institute, Bangalore-01 - India
Professor Mohammed Rafi
Department of Studies/CSE, University BDT College of Engineering, Davangere - India

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