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A Case Study on Non-Visual Pen-Based Interaction with the Numerical Data
Tatiana G. Evreinova, Grigori Evreinov, Roope Raisamo
Pages - 70 - 87     |    Revised - 15-05-2013     |    Published - 30-06-2013
Volume - 4   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - May / June 2013  Table of Contents
Numerical data, Pen-based interaction, Kinesthetic display.
A widespread tabular format still poses great problems for screen readers because of diversity and complexity of the cells’ content. How to access the numerical data presented in tabular form in a quick and intuitive way in the absence of visual feedback? We have implemented and assessed the algorithm supporting an exploration of the tabular data in the absence of visual feedback. This algorithm helps to solve the most commonly encountered problems: retrieving the position of extreme values and the target value that can also be linked to the specific content of the virtual table. The performance of 11 blindfolded subjects was evaluated when they used the StickGrip kinesthetic display and when they relied on the Wacom pen and auditory signals. The results of the comparative study are reported.
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Miss Tatiana G. Evreinova
School of Information Sciences University of Tampere Tampere, 33014, Finland - Finland
Miss Grigori Evreinov
School of Information Sciences University of Tampere Tampere, 33014, Finland - Finland
Mr. Roope Raisamo
School of Information Sciences University of Tampere Tampere, 33014, Finland - Finland

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