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User Centered Design Patterns and Related Issues – A Review
Sara Imtia, Arif Raza
Pages - 19 - 24     |    Revised - 15-01-2013     |    Published - 28-02-2013
Volume - 4   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - April 2013  Table of Contents
Open Source Software (OSS), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Users, User Centered Design, Design Patterns.
A design pattern describes possible good solutions to common problems within certain context. This is done by describing the invariant qualities of all those solutions where good patterns improve with time and widespread use. In this research paper some existing user centered design patterns and their issues are discussed. We have studied many user centered design patterns; however most of them do not provide diagrammatic solutions which can be implementable. It is observed that there is a need of a design pattern which can address issues specifically related to Open Source Software (OSS) users.
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Miss Sara Imtia
Department of Computer Software Engineering National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad - Pakistan
Mr. Arif Raza
Department of Computer Software Engineering National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad - Pakistan

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