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Hand Segmentation Techniques to Hand Gesture Recognition for Natural Human Computer Interaction
Archana S. Ghotkar, Gajanan K. Kharate
Pages - 15 - 25     |    Revised - 15-03-2012     |    Published - 16-04-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2012  Table of Contents
Human Computer Interface, Hand Tracking and Segmentation, Hand Gesture Recognition
This work is the part of vision based hand gesture recognition system for Natural Human Computer Interface. Hand tracking and segmentation are the primary steps for any hand gesture recognition system. The aim of this paper is to develop robust and efficient hand segmentation algorithm where three algorithms for hand segmentation using different color spaces with required morphological processing have were utilized. Hand tracking and segmentation algorithm (HTS) is found to be most efficient to handle the challenges of vision based system such as skin color detection, complex background removal and variable lighting condition. Noise may contain, sometime, in the segmented image due to dynamic background. An edge traversal algorithm was developed and applied on the segmented hand contour for removal of unwanted background noise.
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Mr. Archana S. Ghotkar
- India
Mr. Gajanan K. Kharate
- India

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