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Grid Free Lagrangian Blobs Vortex Method With Brinkman Layer Domain Embedding Approach for Heterogeneous Unsteady Thermo Fluid Dynamics Problems
Carmine Golia, Bernardo Buonomo, Antonio Viviani
Pages - 313 - 329     |    Revised - 05-08-2009     |    Published - 01-09-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - June 2009  Table of Contents
Buoyant plume/Body interaction, Thermal/Vortex Blobs, Brinkman domain embedding
Modeling unsteady thermal–viscous flows inside/around complicated geometries containing multiphase sub-systems (fluid–porous–solid) and multi-physics phenomena (diffusion; forced/free/mixed convection; time variations of velocity, temperatures and heat fluxes sources; still and moving bodies) is an ambitious challenge in many applications of interest in science and engineering. Scope of this exploratory work is to investigate if the combination of a grid free Lagrangian Blob method with a Brinkman layer domain embedding approach can be useful for the preliminary analysis of heterogeneous unsteady thermal buoyant problems, where easiness, readiness, short computational times, good qualitative and sufficient quantitative accuracy are the most important aspects. In this work we couple a grid free unsteady Lagrangian Thermal-Vortex Blob method with a double penalization method that considers solid bodies contoured by a fictitious buffer thin boundary layer, described by a porous Brinkman model. The model problem in this study is the interaction of a thermal buoyant plume with a solid body, still or in motion. Both solid body and Brinkman boundary layer are described by volume penalization applied by an unsteady mask method. After a description of this novel approach, preliminary analyses for validations are presented for various thermal buoyant steady/unsteady problems relative to thermal and thermal-vortical patches, fixed, free and in presence of a still or moving body. Comments on pros, contras and further work, conclude the paper.
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Professor Carmine Golia
- Italy
Dr. Bernardo Buonomo
- Italy
Professor Antonio Viviani
- Italy

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