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A Comparative Evaluation and Design of Input Current Waveshaping Methods for Rectifier
Hussein A Kazem
Pages - 306 - 312     |    Revised - 05-08-2009     |    Published - 01-09-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - June 2009  Table of Contents
input current waveshaping , harmonics, ac-dc converter
This paper presents a comparative evaluation and design of hybrid current waveshaping methods for single-phase rectifier. The simulation results show that the hybrid method can further lower the input current components and THDi of a single-phase diode rectifier as compared with the three passive current waveshaping method by P. D. Ziogas, Ji Yanchao (improved method-1) and H. A. Kazem (improved method-2) . The relevant input current and voltage waveforms, the input current total harmonic distortion and the input power factor value are derived from the computer simulation or theoretical analysis. A design example is provided and simulation results have been verified on 500 mW experimental models.
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Dr. Hussein A Kazem
- Oman

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