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Automating Measurement for Software Process Models using Attribute Grammar Rules
Rodziah Atan, Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani, Mohd. Hasan Selamat, Ramlan Mahmod
Pages - 24 - 33     |    Revised - 15-08-2007     |    Published - 30-08-2007
Volume - 1   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - August 2007  Table of Contents
Software process modelling, Process measurement, Attribute grammar rules
The modelling concept is well accepted in software engineering discipline. Some software models are built either to control the development stages, to measure program quality or to serve as a medium that gives better understanding of the actual software systems. Software process modelling nowadays has reached a level that allow software designs to be transformed into programming languages, such as architecture design language and unified modelling language. This paper described the adaptation of attribute grammar approach in measuring software process model. A tool, called Software Process Measurement Application was developed to enable the measurement accordingly to specified attribute grammar rules. A context-free grammar to read the process model is depicted from IDEF3 standard, and rules were attached to enable the measurement metrics calculation. The measurement metric values collected were used to aid in determining the decomposing and structuring of processes for the proposed software systems.
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Mr. Rodziah Atan
- Malaysia
Mr. Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani
- Malaysia
Mr. Mohd. Hasan Selamat
- Malaysia
Mr. Ramlan Mahmod
- Malaysia