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Speed Control of DC Motor under Varying Load Using PID Controller
Muhammad Rafay Khan, Aleem Ahmed Khan, Umer Ghazali
Pages - 38 - 48     |    Revised - 31-07-2015     |    Published - 31-08-2015
Volume - 9   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - August 2015  Table of Contents
Speed Control, DC Motor Model, PID Control, Closed Loop, Load Disturbance.
DC motors are used extensively in industrial variable speed applications because of most demanding speed-torque characteristics and are simple in controlling aspects. This paper presents a DC motor speed controlling technique under varying load condition. The linear system model of separately excited DC motor with Torque-variation is designed using PID controller. A Matlab simulation of proposed system with no-Load and full-load condition is performed on Simulink platform to observe the system response. The motor speed is kept constant in this experiment. The simulation result of the experiment shows that a motor is running approximately at a constant speed regardless of a motor load. The Simulink results show that the speed of the motor is slow down only for about 270 rpm (9%) in 980 milliseconds under the effect of full load. However, the motor speed is hunting about 200 rpm (6.66%) in 900 milliseconds on unloading condition. It is concluded that a PID controller is successful tool for controlling the motor speed in presence of load disturbances.
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Mr. Muhammad Rafay Khan
Electronic Engineering Department Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, 75300, Pakistan - Pakistan
Mr. Aleem Ahmed Khan
Electronic Engineering Department Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, 75300, Pakistan - Pakistan
Mr. Umer Ghazali
Electronic Engineering Department Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, 75300, Pakistan - Pakistan