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Up/Down Converter Linear Model with Feed Forward and Feedback Stability Analysis
Dr. Ziad Sobih, Arvin Grabel
Pages - 1 - 10     |    Revised - 31-12-2013     |    Published - 22-01-2014
Volume - 8   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - January / February 2014  Table of Contents
Power Electronics, Converter, Control Dynamic Behavior.
After knowing most power electronics circuits, we can say that the operation that we expected are under ideal conditions. The goal of power conversion was achieved by proper circuit configuration and proper switching. Our electronics circuits are treated under ideal conditions and operate in a nominal way. The steady state in most power electronics circuit is periodic steady state. Usually the focus is in operation were the behavior is the same from cycle to cycle.

In this paper we will deal with disturbances that will cause the power electronics circuit to deviate from nominal. This includes unexpected changes in the input or load. Also we look at the transient due to start. This deviation from nominal is called dynamic behavior. If this dynamic behavior do not change the desired output significantly we do not do any corrective action. This is rarely the case, however.

We have to design the system in order not to deviate from the desired nominal conditions. We need a control system recover to desired specifications. The compensator must operate to restore nominal conditions. second, it must maintain the circuit and guide it to nominal conditions by advancing or delaying the switching time. In this paper we are going to analyze the dynamic behavior due to disturbances or fault and how to control and guide the system to normal.

The focus in this paper is dynamics and control and an appropriate model for the non linear circuit to apply this control. From our experience we conceder faults that the system might fall into and we consider treatment from these situations. In our treatment we consider more parameters and more elements to have more flexibility to control the system. The cost of falling in one of these faults might be too high so we have to think of a solution.
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Dr. Dr. Ziad Sobih
Modern center - Jordan
Dr. Arvin Grabel
Northeastern University Boston, MA, USA - United States of America

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