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A Mode Switching Sliding-mode Controller with Observer-based State-Dependent Boundary Layer and Its Application
Liang-Chun Yao, Jian-Shiang Chen, Chao-Yu Hsu
Pages - 39 - 53     |    Revised - 15-06-2007     |    Published - 30-06-2007
Volume - 1   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - June 2007  Table of Contents
sliding mode, mode-switching, boundary layer, maglev platform
This paper presents a mode-switching sliding-mode control (MSMC) scheme that combines different sliding-mode control schemes to alleviate adverse effect while achieving precise control tasks. To achieve certain robustness and chattering alleviation, a design of disturbance observer based state-dependent boundary layer is proposed. The proposed method will provide a state-dependent boundary-layer in which the unknown dynamics is estimated a disturbance observer and then utilize it to calculate the width of boundary layer on-line. The convergent analysis of this state-dependent boundary-layer is provided with two theorems. Finally, its efficacy is further validated through experiments on the regulation control of a maglev platform.
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Mr. Liang-Chun Yao
- Taiwan
Mr. Jian-Shiang Chen
- Taiwan
Mr. Chao-Yu Hsu
- Taiwan