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Synchronization in the Genesio-Tesi and Coullet Systems Using the Sliding Mode Control
J. Ghasemi, A. Ranjbar N
Pages - 60 - 65     |    Revised - 22-02-2010     |    Published - 08-04-2010
Volume - 4   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - March 2010  Table of Contents
Chaos, Sliding Mode, Synchronization, Genesio-Tesi System, Coullet System
Chaotic behaviour and control of Genesio-Tesi and Coullet is studied, in this paper. The Sliding Mode Control is proposed for synchronization in a pair of topologically inequivalent systems, the Genesio-Tesi and Coullet systems. The simulation result verifies the effectiveness of the proposed method.
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Mr. J. Ghasemi
- Iran
Mr. A. Ranjbar N
- Iran