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Analysis and Design Hilbert Curve Fractal Antenna Feed with Co-planar Waveguide for Multi-Band Wireless Communications
Niruth Prombutr, Prayoot Akkaraaektharin
Pages - 1 - 11     |    Revised - 03-08-2008     |    Published - 16-09-2008
Volume - 2   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - June 2008  Table of Contents
Fractal antenna, Multi-band, Hilbert curve, Hilbert curve, Coplanar waveguid feed
There are many techniques to improve the characteristic of antennas. In this work we use ideas of the fractal. The purpose of this project is to design and analyze Hilbert curve fractal antennas to get the empirical and electrical model. We use the Zealand program for simulating antennas. The antennas receive and transmit in many frequency resonances. We design a small Hilbert curve fractal antenna. We analyze this antenna by using the concept of the CPW transmission line and the mathematical definition of fractal to yield the models for Hilbert curve fractal antenna. From these models we can predict the multi resonance frequency. In the experiment we found that the least percent of difference for electromagnetics formular model with the experiment (0.4%) is lower than the least of the difference for empirical model (4.43%) because the electromagnetics model used the transmission line model while the empirical model used the numerical method. These models will be helpful for design and making Hilbert curve fractal antenna.
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Mr. Niruth Prombutr
Faculty of Engineering/Electrical engineering department - Thailand
Mr. Prayoot Akkaraaektharin
of Engineering/Electrical engineering department - Thailand