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The Effect of a Porous Medium on the Flow of a Liquid Vortex
Fatemeh Hassaipour, Jose L. Lage
Pages - 588 - 596     |    Revised - 30-12-2009     |    Published - 31-01-2010
Volume - 3   Issue - 6    |    Publication Date - January 2010  Table of Contents
This study investigates the predominant criteria in the persistence or decay of vortex flows in porous media. A simple approach is used to build a pair of vortices in a fluid. The vortices impinge on a permeable wall, thus allowing a study of the interaction of vortices with the porous medium. New insights are obtained, among them that permeability has a more important effect on this interaction compared with either porosity or the vortex transport velocity.
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Dr. Fatemeh Hassaipour
University of Texas at Dallas - United States of America
Professor Jose L. Lage
Southern Methodist University - United States of America