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Modeling and simulation of Microstrip patch array for smart antennas
K.Meena alias Jeyanthi, A.P.Kabilan
Pages - 662 - 670     |    Revised - 05-02-2010     |    Published - 05-03-2010
Volume - 3   Issue - 6    |    Publication Date - January 2010  Table of Contents
Adaptive antennas, antenna arrays, microstrip patch, beamforming
The aim of the paper is two fold. One is to design and simulate an antenna array suitable for wireless applications and the other is the design of beamforming algorithm. In this paper, the first module presents the design of multiple microstrip rectangular patch elements suitable for beamforming technique in wireless applications in the range of 1.8 - 2.4 GHz. By designing 1x8 patch array, it is possible to achieve 15 dB gain and 58% more directivity compared to the conventional patches. The second module suggests a NLVFF-RLS algorithm for beamforming technique to concentrate the power in the desired direction and nullify the power in the interferer direction with HPBW of 13dB.The results are analyzed for the scanning sector of -60° to 60°. The modeling and simulation of antenna array is obtained using Agilent’s ADS. The beamforming algorithm is designed in Matlab.
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Mr. K.Meena alias Jeyanthi
PSNA College of Engineering & Technology - India
Mr. A.P.Kabilan
- India