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Genetic Information System Development and Maintenance Model For Effective Software Maintenance and Reuse
Sanjeev Manchanda, Mayank Dave, S. B. Singh
Pages - 1 - 20     |    Revised - 15-06-2007     |    Published - 30-06-2007
Volume - 1   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - June 2007  Table of Contents
Software Maintainability, Software Reuse, Software Configuration Management, System Development Life Cycle and Software Enginee
The aim of present research work is to develop an information system development process and a model for the development of new generation information systems. New age information systems are those Information systems that are capable of fulfilling the demand of highly dynamic information requirements derived from the competitive environments of the business organizations and support controlling the complexity involved in their maintenance and software reuse. Present research work analyzes the theoretical, financial, technical and practical problems related to the information system development, maintenance and software reuse, to propose an appropriate system development process and a model for the development as well as maintenance of information systems with maximum software reuse. Proposed system development process and model provide inherent support to the business organizations, in getting total control over information system development and maintenance maximum software reuse.
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Mr. Sanjeev Manchanda
- India
Mr. Mayank Dave
- India
Mr. S. B. Singh
- India