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Security Aspects of the Information Centric Networks Model
Amjad Mahfouth
Pages - 62 - 65     |    Revised - 15-05-2013     |    Published - 30-06-2013
Volume - 7   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - June 2013  Table of Contents
ICN, Denial of Service, Encryption, Digital Signature.
With development of internet and the enormous growth of contents over networks, that motivated the researchers to proposed new paradigm model called Information Centric Networks ICN , the most features of ICN model is based on the content itself, instead, of the server located the contents over internet. This new model has a lot of challenges such as, mobility of contents, naming, replications, cashing, communications, and the security issue to secure the contents, customer, and providers. In this paper we will focus on ICN Model and propose solutions of security to protect the network elements, since the security is based on the packet itself rather than the host-centric.
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Dr. Amjad Mahfouth
Computer Information System Al Quds Open Univeristy Tulkarm,00970, Palestine - Palestine

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