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Comparative Analysis of Serial Decision Tree Classification Algorithms
Matthew Nwokejizie Anyanwu, Sajjan Shiva
Pages - 230 - 240     |    Revised - 05-08-2009     |    Published - 01-09-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - June 2009  Table of Contents
Decision tree, Classification Algorithm, data
Classification of data objects based on a predefined knowledge of the objects is a data mining and knowledge management technique used in grouping similar data objects together. It can be defined as supervised learning algorithms as it assigns class labels to data objects based on the relationship between the data items with a pre-defined class label. Classification algorithms have a wide range of applications like churn prediction, fraud detection, artificial intelligence, and credit card rating etc. Also there are many classification algorithms available in literature but decision trees is the most commonly used because of its ease of implementation and easier to understand compared to other classification algorithms. Decision Tree classification algorithm can be implemented in a serial or parallel fashion based on the volume of data, memory space available on the computer resource and scalability of the algorithm. In this paper we will review the serial implementations of the decision tree algorithms, identify those that are commonly used. We will also use experimental analysis based on sample data records (Statlog data sets) to evaluate the performance of the commonly used serial decision tree algorithms
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Mr. Matthew Nwokejizie Anyanwu
- United States of America
Dr. Sajjan Shiva
University of Memphis - United States of America

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