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Data Security In Relational Database Management System
Pages - 203 - 210     |    Revised - 15-07-2012     |    Published - 10-08-2012
Volume - 6   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - August 2012  Table of Contents
Embedding Algorithm, Watermarking, Threshold Value
Proving ownerships rights on outsourced relational database is a crucial issue in today\'s internet based application environments and in many content distribution applications. Here mechanism is proposed for proof of ownership based on the secure embedding of a robust imperceptible watermark in relational data. Watermarking of relational databases as a constrained optimization problem and discus efficient techniques to solve the optimization problem and to handle the constraints. This watermarking technique is resilient to watermark synchronization errors because it uses a partioning approach that does not require marker tuple. This approach overcomes a major weakness in previously proposed watermarking techniques. Watermark decoding is based on a threshold-based technique characterized by an optimal threshold that minimizes the probability of decoding errors. An implemented a proof of concept implementation of our watermarking technique and showed by experimental results that our technique is resilient to tuple deletion, alteration and insertion attacks.
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Mr. R.Balasubramaniam
Kathir college of engineering - India

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