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Recourse Management Using a Fair Share Scheduler
Suja Cherukullapurath Mana
Pages - 29 - 33     |    Revised - 15-01-2012     |    Published - 21-02-2012
Volume - 6   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2012  Table of Contents
Fair Share , Fair Share Scheduling, Resource Allocation
Resource management is a vital task of all operating systems. It is the responsibility of operating system to ensure that all programs requesting resources are getting resources in a timely manner. Various recourse allocation strategies are there which provide guidance for operating systems to make resource allocation decisions. This article describes about the resource management using a fare share scheduler. The fair share scheduler ensures that resources are allocated to programs in an efficient manner and this ensures fairness in resource allocation.
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Miss Suja Cherukullapurath Mana
George Mason University - United States of America

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