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Testing of Contextual Role-Based Access Control Model (C-RBAC)
Muhammad Nabeel Tahir
Pages - 62 - 75     |    Revised - 20-02-2009     |    Published - 15-03-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2009  Table of Contents
C-RBAC Testing, XACML and C-RBAC, Policy Specification Languages.
The OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) is a powerful and flexible language for expressing access control policies used to describe both, policy and access control decision request / response [2]. XACML is a declarative access control policy language implemented in XML and a processing model, describing how to interpret the policies. It is a replacement for IBM's XML access control language (XACL) which is no longer in development. XACML is a language primarily aimed at expressing privacy policies in a form such that computer systems can enforce them. The XACML has been widely deployed and there are several implementations of XACML in various programming languages available [3]. The XACML is designed to support both centralized and decentralized policy management.
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Mr. Muhammad Nabeel Tahir
- Malaysia