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A Encryption Based Dynamic and Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Rajender Nath , Pankaj Kumar Sehgal
Pages - 16 - 22     |    Revised - 20-03-2009     |    Published - 15-03-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2009  Table of Contents
Ad Hoc Network, Routing Protocol, Simulator
Significant progress has been made for making mobile ad hoc networks secure and dynamic. The unique characteristics like infrastructure-free and absence of any centralized authority make these networks more vulnerable to security attacks. Due to the ever-increasing security threats, there is a need to develop algorithms and protocols for a secured ad hoc network infrastructure. This paper presents a secure routing protocol, called EDSR (Encrypted Dynamic Source Routing). EDSR prevents attackers or malicious nodes from tampering with communication process and also prevents a large number of types of Denial-of-Service attacks. In addition, EDSR is efficient, using only efficient symmetric cryptographic primitives. We have developed a new program in c++ for simulation setup.
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Dr. Rajender Nath
Dept of Computer Science and Applications - India
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sehgal
MM Institute of Computer Technology and Business Management - India

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