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Direct Trust Estimated on Demand Protocol for Secured Routing in Mobile Adhoc Networks
N.Bhalaji, Druhin mukherjee, Nabamalika banerjee, A.Shanmugam
Pages - 6 - 12     |    Revised - 15-10-2008     |    Published - 15-11-2008
Volume - 2   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - October 2008  Table of Contents
Adhoc, DSR, Security, Trust
Adhoc network is a collection of wireless nodes communicating among themselves over multihop paths, without the help of any infrastructure such as base stations or access points. Although many previous techniques have been proposed for the secure routing, in this paper we propose a more reasonable and unambiguous equation for trust evaluation. Our scheme is distributed and effective without reliance on any central authority. In this paper we focus on improving the security of most commonly used Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR).We improve the routing security of the existing DSR protocol by enhancing the concept of trust value, the selection of a secure route will be based on these trust values. Ns-2 simulations are performed to evaluate the impact of applying trust value based route selection to the DSR protocol.
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Mr. N.Bhalaji
- India
Mr. Druhin mukherjee
- India
Mr. Nabamalika banerjee
- India
Mr. A.Shanmugam
- India

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