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A Comparative Study of Conventional Effort Estimation and Fuzzy Effort Estimation Based on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers
Harish Mittal, Pradeep Bhatia
Pages - 36 - 47     |    Revised - 15-12-2008     |    Published - 30-12-2008
Volume - 1   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - December 2007  Table of Contents
FP, FFP, FPA, FFPA, LOC, Fuzzy logic
Effective cost estimation is the most challenging activity in software development. Software cost estimation is not an exact science. However it can be transformed from a black art to a series of systematic steps that provide estimate with acceptable risk. Effort is a function of size. For estimating effort first we face sizing problem. In direct approach size is measured in lines of code (LOC). In indirect approach, size is represented as function points (FP). In this paper we use indirect approach. Fuzzy logic is used to find fuzzy functional points and then the result is defuzzified to get the functional points and hence the size estimation in person hours. Triangular fuzzy numbers are used to represent the linguistic terms in Function Point Analysis (FPA) complexity matrixes We can optimise the results for any application by varying the fuzziness of the triangular fuzzy numbers.
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Mr. Harish Mittal
- India
Mr. Pradeep Bhatia
- India

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